Madikwe Wildlife Guide

A guide to the wildlife of Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa. Read about the endangered wild dogs of Madikwe and the conservation projects to protect them.
  • Endangered Wild Dog
    The Cape Hunting Dog or African Wild Dog is not only Africa's most endangered predator but also the continent's most successful hunter, in some places having a kill success rate of over 80%...
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  • Madikwe Game Viewing - What to Expect
    The malaria-free Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa provides one of the foremost wildlife experiences on the continent and the activities and guides in the park ensure the best opportunities...
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  • Madikwe Wild Dog Project
    Well known for great sightings of its resident packs, Madikwe Game Reserve has a viable and flourishing population of these fascinating creatures. Wild Dogs are among...
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  • Magical Madikwe Wildlife
    Home to the Big Five of the African animal kingdom, the magical Madikwe Game Reserve is located at the top of South Africa on the border of Botswana...
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  • Operation Phoenix
    When the Madikwe Game Reserve was established in South Africa it precipitated Operation Phoenix, the largest translocation of wildlife by humans on earth, a feat that still holds the record today...
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  • Mad About Wildlife in Madikwe
    South Africa's Madikwe Game Reserve is a top quality luxury African safari experience that guarantees incredible game-viewing within the 75 000 hectare reserve...
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